What NOT To Wear To Your Family Session: Dressing Tips for the Perfect Photos

Family photo sessions are a great way to capture precious memories. However, what you choose to wear can significantly impact the outcome of your photos. While there are many dressing tips available on what to wear, understanding what NOT to wear is equally important. This article will provide you with some key dressing tips to ensure your family photos turn out perfect.

Avoid Bright and Neon Colors

Bright and neon colors can be distracting and can cast color shadows on the faces of those wearing them and those nearby. They also tend to dominate the photo, drawing attention away from the subjects. Instead, opt for neutral or pastel colors that complement each other for a more harmonious look.

Steer Clear of Large Logos and Text

Clothing with large logos, text, or graphics can divert attention away from the family and onto the clothing. The focus of the photos should be on your family’s faces and the connection between you, not on what brand of clothing you’re wearing.

Don’t Overdo Patterns

While patterns can add visual interest to your photos, too many different patterns can make the photos look chaotic. If you choose to incorporate patterns, make sure they complement each other and are not too overwhelming.

Say No to New Clothes

New clothes may look nice, but they may not feel comfortable, especially for children. Uncomfortable clothing can lead to grumpy expressions and a less than ideal photo session. Choose well-loved clothes that you know are comfortable and look good.

Avoid Matching Outfits

While it might be tempting to have everyone in matching outfits, this can often result in photos that look dated. Instead, aim for coordinating outfits that showcase each person’s individual style while still looking cohesive.


Choosing what to wear for a family photo session can be a daunting task, but keeping these dressing tips in mind can make the process easier. Remember, the goal of the session is to capture your family’s unique bond and personalities, so choose outfits that reflect this. Avoid bright colors, large logos, too many patterns, new clothes, and matching outfits. Instead, aim for a coordinated look that showcases each family member’s individual style. With a little planning, you can ensure that your family looks and feels their best for your photo session.

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